I think I saw one live video from Summer Never Comes before I thought that I need to hear more music from the band. It took a while for the cd I ordered to arrive, but when I was finally able to listen to the seven song EP, it was worth the wait.

summer never comes inuit

Inuit is post-rock as defined by the band. It definitely fits that description. At the same time, Summer Never Comes doesn’t come across like other post rock bands. The music is a bit more rock-infused rather than ambient. That doesn’t make it any weaker, just adds a different flavor to the genre. The surprising part of the EP is that there are vocals on some songs like “Coat of Summer.” It’s interesting to hear vocals mixing with the instrumentals, but it also gives the song a definite structure.

The almost twelve minute “Diana Effect” is the showcase song. It allows the band to venture into a lot of territory without restraints of time. There are also vocals that mix inside the song. I liked how the vocals fit on this song rather than “Coat of Summer” because “Diana Effect” doesn’t have to follow a set song structure. The EP is excellent regardless. I think that post rock is a very polarizing genre. Each band has its own set of rules that it follows and the styles can differ a lot. Summer Never Comes are another example of this.

Listening to Inuit, I thought it would be a straight post rock EP, but the inclusion of vocals changes things a bit. I don’t think the addition of vocals doesn’t classify it as post rock, but the exploration and experimentation that the genre usually has can sometimes be constrained when verses have to support lyrics. But in this way, Summer Never Comes have a release that can interest more people.

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