Hey everyone,

Previously, I started a poll on what new koreanindie branded stuff you wanted me to print. I got a lot of responses (actually 38, which is more than I expected) which is great. You can still vote!

circle logo t-shirt

But at the same time, I’ve been taking steps to figure out the next step for koreanindie.com as a brand. I had recent discussions about what the possible evolution of koreanindie and it involves a lot more than I thought.

So as of now, I have to put making branded clothes on hold. I will be printing them, but it may be late Summer unfortunately.

As always, I want to keep people up to date on what’s going on with the site with as much information as possible that can be released. I’ve mentioned some of this stuff in the past, but want to emphasize the work that I’m doing now. This may lead to the site being updated a little less frequently by my own posts.

1. I have to take stock of what koreanindie.com is as of now and the direction that I want it to go in the future.

This means I have to look at all the content that’s on the site now and what content I want to have in the future. Theoretically, this means that nothing will change and all I will do is add more types of content taken from the ideas of contributing writers.

2. Decide what kind of entity koreanindie.com will eventually become.

I feel like this decision is going to have the biggest impact on everything. It goes beyond just the site and will actually affect me personally in a lot of ways.

3. Find a way to make the site sustainable.

Keeping the site running is one of the biggest concerns I have and I’m looking for various ways to create revenue. A lot of these ideas are very early and a lot more research are going to be needed.

But here’s some good news directly for you: I’m making stickers out of the circle logo.


As a thank you for reading the site, I’ll be giving these away. The specific details of how I’m going to send them out will come when they arrive.

You may have also noticed T.K. from Ask a Korean had a recent post on the site. He’s been kind enough to let me re-post his music-related posts as he writes them.

If you’ve never read his site, it’s one of the more interesting places to read about a wide variety of subjects.

Once again, thank you for reading the site and supporting the site by reading.


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