I had been following 100989 on bandcamp while I waited for the release of Erased which released April 17. The description of 100989 is “Based electronic, ambient & neoclassical, drone and cinematic music producer.” This led me to believe that I would be hearing a lot of audio landscapes on the EP.

100989 erased

Erased is exactly what I expect in terms of the type of music, but what surprised me was the difference of songs. “Amour” is a piano playing alongside falling rain. It’s minimal presence among the audio of falling rain is actually powerful. Other effects in the song add more dimension and strength to the piano’s chords. “Less” sounds like a slow layering of different samples with a melody that seems to play in and out of the tempo.

There’s a big contrast in each song. They have similar elements, but each has a different audio “flavor.” I like the variety in songs. They can sit as background music very easily, but if you focus on each one, the elements come alive. Drone and ambient music is something new to me, but it appears that there’s a lot of possibilities.

Honestly, the genre is new to me and I’m only scratching the surface of what’s available. 100989 is a great place to get a sample because the songs aren’t so drastically obscure and it’s easy to adapt to the different melodies. I like the fact that it’s different and whether I’m using Erased as background music or trying to pick apart each instrument, it keeps me interested.

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