I don’t listen to MasterClass as much as I’d like to. His instrumentals are some of the best to listen to in the background while still being productive. He had shared news of Darley’s MasterClass on Facebook and I bought the album almost immediately. This album is also a collaboration with Darley who I’m not familiar with right now.

masterclass darley darley's masterclass

This collaboration resulted in some amazing tracks. Darley’s MasterClass accurately describes the work that both put into the album. The base of each song is still the Jazz Hip-Hop and Lounge style that MasterClass uses, but adds an insane level of polish with the addition of vocals. The smooth delivery adds so much emotion to each song over the 12 tracks. I don’t think there’s one song that isn’t expertly crafted to use the talents of both musicians.

The way that MasterClass is able to mix Hip-Hop and Jazz together is amazing. This album speaks wider than being a release from South Korea, it needs to be heard everywhere. The song “Top Hat” has the groove and style that draws you in on the second verse. “Floor Blues” is excellent as an audio track, but it would be awesome to see a full band play this live. Then you have “NoiseSymphony Band” and “Hooferz Club” featuring tap dancer Binbubbles (who is actually MasterClass) adding tap clicks on the songs.

It’s been a while since I listened to MasterClass, but coming back with Darley’s MasterClass is the perfect return. The album is great for people who like Jazz, Hip-Hop, Lounge music or just some kind of combination of styles based off samples. The collaboration has produced one of the best albums this year for sure. Be sure to pick up the album, you won’t be disappointed.

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