In the midst of Spring, I found myself back in the cold, cold winter guided by the girls of Lucite Tokki and their single album, 너와함께 난 겨울, which released back in January of this year.


The single came across my Gmail inbox not too long ago in a never ending list of other ‘to-do’ reviews. I was always fond of Lucite Tokki because of their attractively clean sound and season-focused albums–they made it that much easier for me to categorize them into one playlist. 너와함께 난 겨울 was just that and not much more. Just like its title, both tracks “TIBI” and “Going Home (너에게 가)” is in complete alliance with the theme of a very cold winter.

With the gentle strumming of the acoustic guitar and adding the stormy wind as background noise, Lucite Tokki brings back the winter with this album. But the instrumentals in this single is very limited which was explained in the single analysis as a way to “put more focus on the lyrics and the vocals.”

Just as the title states, the single is not about the memories of ‘a winter I spent happily and warmly with you’ but it is about “a winter of hardships as I was with you,’ and ‘I was able to get through it because I was with you and I will continue to struggle through the Winter’ (cite: Daum).

Until now, I’ve only heard of Lucite Tokki at what I thought was their comfort zone, creating delightful, Spring-y, tracks such as “Be with me in my dreams” and “Go.” But listening to 너와함께 난 겨울,  I’ve come to realize that this duo was a lot more versatile than I thought they would which makes me excited for a single for the upcoming Summer.

Now all I could wish is that I had found this single in the Winter…

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