There are a lot of times I’ll get an email from some press or marketing person trying to submit music. About 99% of the time, it has nothing to do with Korean music. Good Night, Patrasche reached out directly to introduce themselves and I listened to their music video for “The Call” before buying their EP on iTunes.

Good Night Patrasche

The music of Good Night, Patrasche is melodic rock fronted with female vocals using a keyboard alongside guitar, bass, and drums. The self-titled EP is a perfect introduction with four songs. Starting with the lead single, “The Call,” Good Night, Patrasche showcase their mellow, but highly melodic style. It’s different from the music that I’ve been listening to lately, but the EP serves as a great refresh for the ears.

While “The Call” is more of a ballad, “Dream” is the style that I enjoy a lot more. Actually, I’m reminded a lot of Donawhale on the song. Even though it doesn’t follow the exact same themes, there’s a common thread that I enjoyed a lot. Since Donawhale is one of my top three bands, hearing a similar style of welcome.

“The Time of Sunset” is another ballad style track that uses the keyboards to provide the main melody along with the vocals while the guitar adds extra notes and the bass supports along with the drums. Good Night, Patrasche’s vocals are strong and this is one of the songs that show this off really well. The final song, “End of Winter,” is the perfect closing to the EP. It features a very light and subtle melody that centers around the flow of the tempo.

Good Night, Patrasche really impressed me with their style. Describing themselves as melodic rock can go in a lot of different directions, but I’ve been listening to the EP almost non-stop to try and hear all the smaller elements on the four songs. While I have my favorite song, any of the four songs can be used as a strong single. If you enjoy music with strong melodies, then Good Night, Patrasche is a must listen.

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