I think I’ve seen GOGOSTAR once or twice in Hongdae, but I can’t exactly remember. Going back in my music library, I came across Highlight which is from 2012. It sounds like a mix between rock, electro-pop, and goth genres. Seeing them live, I do remember that they have pretty elaborate stage costumes.

gogostar highlight

The EP has a very synth-disco sound, especially on “La Boum.” It’s like a combination of keyboard melodies backed by electronic drums and dual male and female vocals. One kind of glaring problem is that it feels very held back. I remember live, there’s tons of energy, but the recording sounds a little weak in comparison. The songs are arranged pretty well, though everything has a very large amount of polish. Whether that’s because a majority of the instruments are using synth or samples, I’m not really sure.

Highlight has good songs, I really like “Panic Attack,” but the mixing of the song makes everything very even. I feel like the bass should be booming and pushing the beat, but it’s just kind of there. Also the vocals lack the power that you can actually hear in the recording. It’s like GOGOSTAR recorded to the best of their ability and then in the mastering, everything was turned to fifty percent.

The songs on Highlight are fun, danceable, and have a lot of energy. The problem is that all the explosive energy that I expect from the band isn’t present on the songs. The “filter” that was applied to the songs rips out the excitement that a band like this should have. It’s disappointing that a pure sound couldn’t come through an otherwise great EP.

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