I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about Pavlov through Love Rock Company’s Facebook and Twitter. I heard of the band from the label a while ago in passing, but have been waiting for a release. When 26 finally dropped on iTunes, I bought it and started listening. The thing about Pavlov is that the music is tagged as “indie rock,” but it comes across as a lot more.

pavlov 26

26 is the perfect mix of messy and energetic garage rock. Just listen to “Get Wet” and you’ll get hooked. The music sounds like it’s played with a large amount of abandon, but the precise control that the band has over the music is incredible. If you need another reason to listen to Pavlov, then listen to “Last Nite 2.” It has kazoo. Kazoo makes every song better.

The rock style that Pavlov use is immediately familiar to people who enjoy Galaxy Express. It doesn’t follow the same structure, but is like an off-shoot of that garage rock style. I really enjoyed listening to the album because it sounds so organic. Meaning that the recording of the album sounds like the band went in and recorded without trying to sound 100% precise on every beat.

26 has so many great songs like “Done and Over” which is pushed through the vocals and supported by the excellent instrumentals. At times it sounds like Pavlov are about to lose control of the song. They play on the front of the beat, not exactly waiting for the exact tempo but always pushing it forward.

The 12 songs on 26 require you to play the album on repeat because you will get lost in the music really quickly. Even with 12 songs, 26 seems to go by quickly. The talent of the band is obvious and 26 is the perfect introduction. You should definitely listen to the album, it’s already become one of my favorites this year.

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