A quick update about what’s been going on with Korean Indie.

I have to say, there was a great response to the stickers. They’ve all been mailed out so if you were part of the sign-up, then you should be getting them sometime soon.

There are still some behind-the-scenes things going on that will be revealed later in the Summer, but rest assured they’ll be some great things.

As I said in the last update, I’m looking at what Korean Indie currently offers and what we can do in the future. Right now among writers, we have three contributors and myself.

I asked for some feedback about what your favorite part of Korean Indie was and what improvements we could have. From the favorite part of the site poll, people seem to enjoy album reviews and video shares. Since that’s the bulk of what Korean Indie does right now, I do see some improvement for the types of content that the site can deliver.

Improvement feedback was also good, it gave me an idea of what people might want in the future. While we don’t have the proper staff currently to support everything people want, I want to try and add some of these things in some way.

The biggest change for video shares is that we’re going to stop bulk publishing single videos on Facebook and Twitter. While these are great for singles, shows like Nanjang or On Stage release multiple videos for one artist. So instead of publishing one at a time, they will be collected into a post. I think this will make it easier to watch.

As of now, I’ll be trying to cover some of the more important news regarding bands. A request was to highlight shows in the United States and Europe. I think this is something that can be done on the site. It will take a little time to get things started, but we will begin to supply more news of shows.

But one thing that’s become clear is that Korean Indie needs more diverse voices. Even with four writers, there has to be a bigger and diverse amount of voices on the site. This will give bands more chances to be highlighted on the site.

So I’m opening up a preliminary call for new writers.

There are some very strict guidelines that will have to be followed. As Korean Indie is changing, new rules have to be applied. This is the general breakdown that you need to think about. If you don’t think you can follow these rules, then you shouldn’t apply for a contributing writer position.

  • Contributing Writers are volunteer only (with possible higher positions available in the future)
  • One post per week/4 per month (required)

The two rules above are the biggest.

If you think you can follow through, then please email info[at]koreanindie[.]com.
Subject line: Contributing Writer and include a 250 word album review.

I stress, if you cannot follow these rules, you should not apply.

I’ll be looking over these over the next week and respond to people that I think will fit the style of Korean Indie.

Thanks for your continued support. I really think the plans I have are going to benefit Korean independent bands in a great way, but there’s a lot of business to take care of before then.


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