The reason I heard of KIRARA was through YUKARI, who shared the bandcamp link on Twitter. I was curious to know who KIRARA was so I bought the EP online. It’s definitely electronic music, but more structured and mathematical than other songs from the electronic genre. It’s probably because of the first song “연어 (A Salmon).”

kirara cts1

The programmed drum beat is very specific, with single and double stroke patterns that repeat on the song. The melody is through long chords and single notes and the song is also the introduction of the EP. I feel like the songs have a more structured sound because through the use of different samples and loops, the bass and percussion plays a much bigger part than I’ve heard on other releases. “Astro” is an instrumental track that is centered around the percussion. The melody and small notes that play along the music add extra beats, but the focus always seems to be on the percussion.

Then you get to “꽝 (KUANG)” which has a chiptune/8-bit style that I’ve never heard in South Korea before. It’s one of the standouts of the EP. It uses the same general sounds as other chiptune artists, but at the first breakdown, it sounds like a simplification of another song. “꽝 (KUANG)” is my favorite song on cts1. “Snow” follows “꽝 (KUANG)” with the chiptune style, but adds some more recognizable snyth loops. One of the best songs is “꽃피면 같이 걸어줘요 (When Flowers Bloom, Please Take A Walk With Me)” though. It’s like a combination of all the elements of KIRARA’s styles mixed into one song.

KIRARA is another great electronic artist in South Korea. It seems that I’m introduced or discover a new musician almost weekly and continue to get impressed on the variety of styles and ability. If you enjoy electronic music, it feels like you can dive and discover a new artists all the time. Give KIRARA a chance and you’ll probably be playing the EP on repeat.

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