I admit that I lost track of small o. Even though That Will Fall was an excellent EP, the band seemed to disappear after some live shows. When Temper of Water was revealed, I got excited again. Temper of Water is the album that can really define who small o is against other Korean bands. The introduction instrumental “Entrance” will remind you of their folk style again.

small o temper of water

It’s when you hear “Crow” that you hear an evolved band. The song was also on their EP, but this album version has a much bigger sound. It might be the additional effects with the mastering that layer the vocals along with the instrumentals, but the simple style of the original is gone. That is the biggest change. The songs have a lot more polish, but small o’s style isn’t distorted with it’s professional sound.

If anything, the band’s folk sound comes across much better. The long verse vocals come across a lot better and sound stronger. The instrumentals can be heard a lot better as well. Temper of Water is the album that can really showcase the band. You’ll find a lot of songs from That Will Fall again on Temper of Water, but they also have received an audio upgrade. Even though the album features 11 songs, it’s able to present a full audio arc rather than a sample.

Even though small o might still be connected to Eastern Sidekick with mutual members, the band has really presented a separate sound that has it’s own presence. Most people will probably enjoy both bands, but each has their own place. With Temper of Water, small o prove that they’re not just a side project.

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