Things are moving ahead with the business end of Korean Indie. There should be some news coming by the end of June when the full scope of changes can be revealed.

There’s one big change that I’ve been waiting for can finally be announced.

korean indie shirt

Korean Indie will be opening a webstore.

Instead of only offering shirts and whatnot at random times during the year, the store will allow readers to purchase shirts, tanks, totes, and other Korean Indie merch whenever they want. While I’m still working on the final design for the stuff we’re going to offer, I can reveal that this next run will be shirts, tanks, and the tote bag.

korean indie tank

I know that a lot of people wanted hoodies, but as it’s still the Summer, I thought it would be better to wait until the Fall to order hoodies.

The official launch of the store will be mid-July and I’m currently working on building the store right now. Some more details is that we will only accept PayPal for payments. This streamlines the checkout process and makes things generally much easier to process orders, including shipping addresses.

There will be a couple of shipping options for domestic (US orders) and international (worldwide) and I’m trying to figure out the best shipping options so the cost isn’t high.


Hopefully I’ll be able to expand the type of merch Korean Indie will be able to sell, but it’s still very much in the early stages.

I hope that you’ll order some more Korean Indie merch, the money will go right back into improving the kind of stuff the site already does.

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