So like I’ve been referring to, there’s been a lot of business stuff going on with Korean Indie. I received confirmation for the major news that I couldn’t reveal until now.

Korean Indie is now Korean Indie, LLC.

What does this mean?

Korean Indie, LLC is a formal legal entity recognized in the United States. This moves the site from a blog to a company.

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When Anna decided to return to Indieful ROK, I spent a lot of time thinking about the future of Korean Indie. It sparked from my origins writing on wakesidevision, the time spent on Korean Indie, the experiences I had in Seoul, and what goals I had for the future.

It would have been easy to continue just writing reviews and the occasional editorial, but I felt like the potential of the site was growing.

I’ve seen this through the interactions of readers on Twitter and Facebook. Also, I saw that there is so much more that can be done to promote Korean music internationally. While it’s easy to add links to iTunes or bandcamp, I saw a lack of the ability to directly help musicians. From conversations I’ve had with bands, digital sales don’t result in a lot of money.

That has always been my goal – to help musicians. I feel like this can be accomplished more through an official company. This includes the creation of the Korean Indie webstore, the upcoming bandcamp project, and other projects that I have in mind. At the same time, the creation of Korean Indie, LLC was definitely not cheap.

But it’s an investment that I think is worthwhile and could have a huge effect for musicians in South Korea to connect with fans internationally.

With the Korean Indie webstore, I want to offer more than Korean Indie merch. I want to help musicians get their merch into the hands of people who live outside of South Korea. Wouldn’t it be great to get a band’s CD rather than just the digital download? This is a project that’s still in its early stages and there’s tons more work to be done.

The main reason behind the formation of Korean Indie, LLC is to foster the growth of the company in a legal way. This will allow the site to grow and become truly sustainable. I have no idea if the site will be able to become a full-time job, making enough to have a staff of writers, and fund projects that will benefit bands and artists, but I have to try.

I still have the plan to produce a full-length Korean indie documentary and now I have the core means in place.

I hope that you will continue to support Korean Indie in the future and with the new projects that are in the pipeline.

This next step is big, both personally and with the site. I believe that the potential is huge and I want to make it a reality.

A huge thanks to AskAKorean and Yumi at Idell & Seitel LLP.

Always the most important: thanks to Claire who made me start writing about music way back in 2009.


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