Both All I Have and End These Days have been hinting at the split album that they would release. The split is four songs from each band. The best thing about the split is that it’s the perfect introduction to each band if you’ve never heard of them before.

all i have end these days

All I Have’s part of the split begins with “Untitled” which serves as a introduction track. Things really start with “Defiance” showcasing the band’s great hardcore sound. The recording of the songs is a little raw, which only helps in pushing the energy. The big choral shouts are common and the tempo of the songs is consistent. All I Have are an excellent hardcore band and if you never heard Busan Beach Blues, you should pick up the split and their full length album at the same time.

End These Days is a band that I’ve heard of, but haven’t heard the music from. Like All I Have, their “Intro” is a quick impression of the band’s instrumentals. It’s always nice to hear a double bass pedal. The energy of End These Days is as high as All I Have. While both bands play the same genre, they don’t sound the same. It’s easy to hear the differences between the two. Listen to “Never Again” and you’ll know End These Days. The four songs are a small sample of the power of End These Days and make me want to hear more music. The recording of End These Days part of the split also has the raw sound and it once again helps keep things clean and focused on the music.

Both All I Have and End These Days are excellent hardcore bands. If you never heard of them before, This is the perfect split to pick up. You can really get a sense of the talent of both bands and hardcore fans can’t go wrong. Four songs from each band is the perfect introduction, but it does definitely make you want to hear more.

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