I enjoyed Oh Hee Jung‘s Set Adrift a lot. I thought it was an excellent EP and I still listen to it regularly. It seemed out of nowhere, Oh Hee Jung got some fellow musicians to remix songs from the EP. Set Adrift REMIX is an album where her songs are reinterpreted by musicians like Palpal, YUKARI, and Graye. The seven songs feature a couple of repeats with “Break” and “Hedgehog,” but the work done by the remixes makes them sound different.

oh heejung set adrift remix

Palpal takes “I want you.” The original was a slower, atmospheric acoustic-electronic mix. The remix makes it much more dance-friendly. It uses the same vocals and melody, but the added samples and effects really give the song a different, yet familiar feeling. YUKARI works her magic on “My body and soul” which is my favorite song from Set Adrift. While the original song was a more straightforward electronic-pop song, YUKARI really expands on the sound. Slowing down the tempo, her remix lets the song’s verses linger a little longer. It really sounds like a mix of Oh Hee Jung and YUKARI.

Unique-Shadow‘s “Break” changes the song by stripping a lot of the overall melody and focuses on Oh Hee Jung’s vocals. There’s a deep ambient kind of drone in the background that is broken by small melodic hints. “Rain goes up to the sky” is handled by Graye. The original was upbeat and pop-friendly. Graye’s remix of the song retains the core style, but he manipulates the vocals and melodic lines a lot. You can still recognize the song, but it’s been transformed in a great way.

TAKFA Buddha and Stray both transform “Hedgehog.” TAFKA Buddah’s is a crazy remix because it sounds like an entirely new song with new melodies. His use of Oh Hee Jung’s vocals in the song is impressive because it’s used more as a sample than full vocal line. Stray’s version of “Hedgehog” is more recognizable to the original song, but there’s an amazing turn in the song. “Hedgehog” isn’t transformed like TAFKA Buddha’s version, but adds a lot more power. “Break” by JK aka oZZang turns the song into a dance mix. The remix of the song is really good because it uses a lot of the same melodies, but adds a twist to the arrangement.

Set Adrift REMIX shows the variety and talent of the remixes. The musicians all have different styles and they take the original song and transform it into something different. It’s amazing to see what these people could do with the original song and the EP is a great companion to the original EP.

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