The previous EP from Glittering Blackness, Fall came out in 2011. The EP was one of my first introductions to the post-rock and shoegaze genres. Now in 2014, the seven member band has returned with Untitled. The title of the album accurately describes the release because over the six songs, there’s nothing that sticks out as a primary single.

glittering blackness fall untitled

With the Untitled name and simple numbered song titles, you get a sense of the audio landscapes that the band composes. The first three songs are titled “3-1,” “3-2,” and “3-3” which probably means they’re all one song split into three tracks. Combined into one song, it’s a little over 26 minutes long. Seeing “3” performed live in its entirely would probably be one of the most amazing performances. The song starts slowly and with only guitar and bass creating the landscape. But when the drums enter, the song takes a quiet aggression that’s pushed with the addition of percussion.

The three parts of “3” are like acts. They meld and weave previous melodies together and take the time to develop each beat. Even when the song is only supported by guitar, it’s still entrancing. There are definitely mountains and valleys to the song and the three sections of “3” should be heard in order. “4” is more self contained at 14:31, but has the same elements from “3.” Even when the song sounds slow, it’s still pushing the melody and tempo forward.

“5” is the most aggressive in tempo as it starts pushing early and doesn’t let up until the end. It combines all the different instruments together where you can hear how each one plays an important part to the whole song. The dual guitars create both primary and secondary melodies while the bass and drums add a structure to the entire song. “out-in” is a farewell to the album and the perfect closing because it bookends the other songs perfectly.

Glittering Blackness, Fall create excellent post-rock and their previous Untitled EP left me wanting more music from the band. They’ve created an excellent album with Untitled that can be appreciated through the individual songs, but is best heard from start to finish.

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