Even though I’ve known about Phonebooth for some years, the band kind of disappeared from notice the past couple years. It was when they returned with their third album Wonder that I took notice of them again.

It’s a great album and deserves a lot of attention so I reached out to the band about an interview and they agreed to talk about the album and where they’ve been the past couple years out of the music scene.


Can you introduce Phonebooth?

Hello, We are Rock’n’Roll band Phonebooth from South Korea. We released our first debut album The Way To Live On in 2009 and released our third studio album Wonder in July, this year.

How would you describe the band’s music?

Rock’n’Roll, Men’s Road, Girls, Loneliness, Romance.

Wonder released in 2014, what was the band doing between the second and third album?

All Korean men have to do about two years of military service. We had to serve the military service as well, so from 2011 to 2013 we were in the military service. In July 2013, every member of Phonebooth finished serving their military service. After that, we worked about six months and released our third studio album Wonder in April 2014.

Was there a specific goal in mind when recording Wonder?

It has been three years since we released the last album, we had a lot of burden when we started recording Wonder. But when we completed about 90% of the album, we just wanted to make a nice album. And we were quite satisfied with the output, so we had confidence with our new songs that people would like.

How does the band compose songs?

It’s simple. Mostly Tae-woo (lead guitar), Sang-min (rhythm guitar), Laser (vocals) write songs. When they write songs, they write melodies at their homes and bring them. And if everyone likes it, Tae-woo completes the whole arrangement.

Did it take a long time to record Wonder?

Compared to previous ones, We were able to record guitars, drums, and bass quite easily, but vocals took a bit longer than before. We tried to catch and express detailed feelings we could not hear before, so maybe that is why we had to spend more time on recording vocals.

What influences help the songwriting process?

I think extreme emotions help the songwriting process. Extreme emotions like anger, sadness, joy, happiness, etc.

Are there any Korean bands that you recommend readers listen to?

Pavlov. If you listen to their music, you shall know what young Korean bands think. (Surely, they are not better than us…)

Any goals for 2014?

Sell out the release concert.

Anything to say to readers?

Hello everyone. K-pop is not “Gangnam Style,” neither SNSD.
These soulless music will eat your brain and beautiful face away.
Although you don’t understand Korean, it’s alright to listen our music. You can feel the soul of music.
Thank you.

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