If you are in a quiet mood, lalasweet’s new album should be first on your playlist. Throughout the album’s ten songs, this female duo shows that they know how to balance the serious with the silly. Whether drinking your coffee in the morning or enjoying a peaceful evening in, 너의세계 is fantastic from start to finish.

lalasweet 너의세계

The first thing you hear is the sound of water lapping and then a piano and vocal melody that is so inspiring and confident, befitting the title “앞으로 앞으로” (Forward). The drums and rocking guitar that come in halfway through give the song even more forward momentum. It’s almost surprising when the light, tender “오월” follows. By the third song, you have a clear idea of how the band handles the light and heavy aspects of the album. There is a nice transition from ballads to cute tracks.

This balance is part of what makes the album so nice. The cute songs are bright and refreshing, and the vocals are as sweet as their band name. The instruments used give character to each song, with the lighter tracks like “사라지는 계절” and “말하고 싶은 게 있어 (Spring Ver.)” featuring woodwinds and strings accompanying a pleasant piano melody and upbeat rhythm. Both acoustic and electric guitar play important parts on 너의세계 as well. “여름의 오후 (Album Ver.)” has a guitar melody that you might expect to hear in a coffee shop or a Korean drama, and it’s made even sweeter with a cheerful piano bridge and an easily hummable chorus.

The ballads are just as important, grounding the album with real emotional resonance and displaying a lot of vocal power. When I talk about power, I mean the way the singer draws out these emotional sighs full of longing. You can almost feel it in your body when she does. One of the best moments is at the end of “거짓말꽃” where the build-up of the lullaby-like melody and the moving vocals swells into the climax of the song but never bursts. It’s a wonderful moment that’s made even more powerful by the overlapping vocals.

너의세계 is an album that reaches to some very nice lovely highs without seeming to try too hard. It feels very natural and comfortable offering both emotional and sweet music. If you want something mellow and delightful, lalasweet have the perfect music for you.

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