Morgan was offered as a free download on The Basement Resistance’s SoundCloud account. I didn’t think much before downloading it because I figured it would be interesting. Even with five songs, it fills out with a good amount of music, perfect for fans of Glen Check.

morgan self-titled

The Basement Resistance is something that Glen Check founded, it doesn’t surprise me that Morgan sounds like an extension of Glen Check. Moving away from electronic rock, it’s an EP full of loops, synth, and samples. If it was released to serve as an introduction for Morgan, the release serves its purpose. Morgan is perfect dance music and keeps a high level of energy on each song.

The only thing about the EP is that it falls a bit into repetition. The arrangements are great, but the songs can bleed into each other, only separated by a tempo change. That’s not to diminish how much energy is on each song, but Morgan cement their style very quickly. It would be interesting to hear a longer release to see how Morgan change their arrangements, but with the five songs anyone can get familiar with their sound.

If you like Glen Check, then you will already be familiar with the style of music. I’m curious to know what else might release from The Basement Resistance in the future, but Morgan is a great example for listeners.

Morgan on Facebook.

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