I’ve been a fan of CoreMagaZinE since they first released Peep. The re-release featured some songs in English as well and that EP was also enjoyable. But the band seemed to disappear for a while until they reemerged when the band was crowdfunding for their first full length album.
I was curious to know what the band had been doing during that time so I reached out to leader, Ryu Jung Hun, who was nice enough to give me an update.

Be sure to check out Rude Banquet.


What happened to the band since the re-release of Peep last year?

We actively performed both in Korea and abroad. We tried to approach to listeners in various different ways. It took more than we expected to release our 1st regular album, since we had to find our band’s new vocalist.

How long did it take to record Rude Banquet?

Only for recording, it took about 3 months.

The band used crowdfunding to complete the album, how was that process?

Like any other crowdfunding process. The rewards for participants include tickets for concert, official merchandises, and picnic with members, which comes with meals cooked by our members.

Were there any expectations for Rude Banquet?

We tried to broaden our musical spectrum. We are pop band, not a rock band. So we wanted to make an album which cover a wide range of styles.

We expect Rude Banquet to suggest a certain direction of CoreMagaZinE (our music). It is satisfactory if our intention gets across to the listeners sufficiently. And, of course, we’ll happier than ever if this album hits.

How do you feel now that the album is complete and released?

Unexpectedly calm. We risked our neck (tried that hard) at making this album, but we are not obsessed with the success of this album. We’ll keep on creating, of course.

Is there a favorite song on the album?

Of course the title, “Fountain,” is the favorite one. We are also having affection for the studio version of “I feel sick,” cause it was recorded during a jam.

Was there a song that took a long time to record?

Not really. We rehearsed recording for one and a half month ahead of real recording, so the recording itself progressed quite fast. Mixing took a lot more time.

Has the sound of the band changed over the past two years?

First of all, the most important thing is that we are not using a MacBook anymore. We tried our best to implement everything with a 100% live sound. This can be interpreted that ‘we are more like a band than before.’

Any goals for 2014?

Since we got a new album, we want to hold a wonderful exclusive concert. The specific schedule will come out soon. Maybe it will be held in October.

We wanna do as many performances as possible in various places. Collaborations with artists in other genres, not in music, are in preparation.

Anything to say to readers?

There were lots of hardship for us during the change of our vocalist. But, We are sure that what we’ve gone through will give a wing for CoreMagaZinE. Please keep watching us. We’ll keep growing.

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