LeeRhan’s 설렘이라는 것이 is represented very well in the cover art. Two of the four songs sound like someone sitting in their room, which gives it a very personal and intimate feel. It’s not polished and perfect, but the imperfections give this collection of songs a lot of charm and character that would be lost in better production.

leerhan 설렘이라는 것이

It was a very smart decision to bookend this EP with the “pop” songs. They’re practically bursting with happiness, and it’s nice to start and end with positive vibes, leaving the middle two tracks to tackle some slower, more thoughtful feelings. “Radio, My Friend” is ready-made to be played on the radio. It’s something you could move to, and the chorus is great for being so easily stuck in your head and something that both Koreans and English-speakers could sing along to. It’s hard not to think of “Video Killed the Radio Star” when listening, both because of the similarity of the titles and how catchy “radio, my radio, my love” is.

The next two songs take a different path, away from the car radio and into LeeRhan’s home. “No one said.” and “Start Again” are slower but not less interesting. It’s rainy day music, playing on the melancholy feelings inspired by a day spent inside. There are fewer instruments in these two, primarily the acoustic guitar, and it’s easier to hear the weakness in LeeRhan’s vocals. The flaws are very endearing though, adding character not ugliness. I can imagine that hearing “Start Again” live would bring tears to her audience’s eyes.

Fortunately, the listener is not left feeling bad, because “Now, I can smile” is optimistic and refreshing, a wonderful end to a very nice EP. Supplementing the uplifting melody are strings and small bouts of piano. The chorus is not as clearly singable as “Radio, My Friend”, but it is more rewarding to hear her sing “I feel much better now” one last time before it ends after having spent about fifteen minutes in her mind.

It’s worth it to peruse the music on Bandcamp, because you might find a gem such as this. If you like your music with a personal touch, then 설렘이라는 것이 is worth checking out.

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