It’s been a while since I’ve listened to Morrie. The last album that I listened to was the music died on the air. which I found on bandcamp. Her return on 낮과 밤 is a return to her familiar sound, which is based on lighter melodic pop music. Morrie’s voice is very soft and fits itself to each beat in songs.

morrie day and night

If you never heard Morrie before, her music is soothing and pleasant. It sticks to melodic verses and never seems to strain itself. “그렇게 너와 꿈꾸고싶어” is a perfect example of her style and as the first song, serves as the best introduction possible. It’s centered around her voice and lighter instrumentals from the guitar and piano. Even with the drum kit, it never feels rushed.

The only possible problem with her music is that it has a tendency to blend together. “So Sweet” uses strings to add to the central piano instrumentals, but her voice, while melodically strong, never seems to strain itself. That’s not an issue for the music, but does have a monotone presentation. Her single, “Rainy Day,” is also included on the EP and changes things by presenting an indie pop style. It gives the EP a needed change. The song is also sung in English which adds a difference in presentation. At times it sounds like coffee shop music, but that doesn’t detract from a simple fun of the song.

Morrie arranges strong songs in any style she chooses and it’s always enjoyable to wind the day down with her music. It’s overall very calming and provides a soothing tone. It would be interesting to hear her push her vocals a bit more, but whether that’s due to the mixing of the EP or a choice during recording is unknown. She’s definitely able to create good songs and that shows once again with 낮과 밤.

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