Full Garage are probably a band that most people haven’t heard of unless they watch what the members of GUMX have been doing. Featuring Keunyoung, who still performs as bassist but also the vocalist, the band’s demo was personally created and distributed. The demo is rough and raw, but really captures the energy and style of the band. It’s less like GUMX and more like straight punk rock.

full garage

The ten songs only capture about 14 minutes of music, but it accurately introduces the band. It would be create to hear more “official” recordings with the band as the recordings are mixed in quality. The album has two covers, but most of the music is from the band. If you listen to a lot of 1990s punk from the United States, you can get a hint of what Full Garage sound like.

There’s nothing really different or revolutionary about the punk rock that Full Garage play, but that doesn’t really matter because the three members (Hyo-Sub on guitar and Jaehyuk Lee on drums) found the perfect combination. The three are able to create really fun rock songs that, while short, get stuck in your head. “Nordic Princess” is one of the best songs and is a bit slower than other songs but shows off the more melodic side of the band. I also enjoy the song “Rinsing rice” because it’s so simple, but addictive. The power chords are simple and melody flows easily.

I’m not sure what Full Garage has planned for the future, I do know that they play live a good amount in Hongdae. It would be great for the band to record an official EP with these songs because the music is so much fun for punk rock fans. Full Garage is another great example of the living punk rock genre in South Korea.

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