The Blocs were recommended to me while visiting Seoul. One of the first mentions of the band were that they sounded like Radiohead. While I don’t think that’s 100% correct, there are some lingering elements in the band’s music. The self-titled album doesn’t sound like anything I’ve heard in South Korea before. It’s a strong melodic rock album with some post-rock elements.

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“Stuck” is a good example because the song seems to take it’s time throughout the verse, never trying to rush any of the melodies in either the vocals or instruments. I think one of the main differences with The Blocs is that the vocals are unlike a lot of other bands. The vocals remind me of other singers in a lot of Western rock bands combined together. It’s undeniable that the vocals are very strong. On “Surrender” they do have that Radiohead-esque tone. It’s haunting and ominous.

“그대여 안녕” is a bit lighter style by adopting a stronger rock tempo and melody giving the album some variety. The vocals also feel lighter compared to other songs. The change adds more interest in the different styles the band is able to perform in. Melodies are still prominent and strongly featured on each beat. “아직도 꿈 속” reminds me a bit of Coldplay though that might just be through the vocals. It’s a slower song that thrives on the tempo. The guitars that accompany the vocals echo the same note on most beats.

If you’re looking for Radiohead, then “Say Now” is probably the song you’re looking for. The melody is very reminiscent of some of the earlier albums. The Blocs’ combination of different instruments and multiple layers of melody are complex and interesting and that’s shown off a lot on this song. The album requires a lot of replays because you might miss something on the first pass. The last song “발레리나” reminds me of No Respect For Beauty in the way the guitar plays a slightly post-rock riff. It’s a perfect end to the album.

I don’t know much about The Blocs. Having only recently been introduced to the band, I think they’re really talented and can compose amazing songs. It’s different from a lot of current music, and I’m curious how a live show would be. The Blocs are definitely a band to keep an eye on.

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