The last release from Loro’s was 2009’s Dream(s). Between the time of Dream(s) and W.A.N.D.Y there was music from Jane as Pika and the formation of Life and Time. But the combination of the members of Loro’s create incredible music. The expanded title is We Are Not Dead Yet, which is a proper name considering a lot of people wondered where the band went during the years they were inactive.

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If you’ve heard Dream(s), then you have a small idea of what to expect on W.A.N.DY. Essentially the album sounds like one continuous song over twelve tracks. It’s difficult to tag the band as an indie rock band because the music has a lot more elements and would be closer to a mix of rock and shoegaze. The most difficult thing with W.A.N.D.Y is that if it’s the first time you’ve heard the band, you might dismiss the music as too slow or lacking variety.

That’s the challenge with Loro’s. You have to listen to them multiple times to really appreciate all the different elements to each song. “U” is a slower song that feels like it’ll never find its conclusion, right until it hits. The operatic sound of the song is amazing and pays off well in the end.

W.A.N.D.Y is difficult to describe because it really needs to be heard and appreciated. Also, don’t think that you’re getting twelve quickly arranged songs. The songs average about five minutes in length, but they have so much happening each beat, it’s hard to not get pulled in. I’ve been waiting for the return of Loro’s because they’re one of those bands that have something special. Regardless of the relationships of the members outside of creating music, when they make songs they end up incredible.

There’s no doubt that a lot of people may skip Loro’s because W.A.N.D.Y starts out slow. But give it time and it’s one of those records that will always be in your rotation. The album works as background music and also an album that can surprise you. Even for me, someone who’s listened to Dream(s) and Pax constantly, W.A.N.D.Y is their best work. It’s one of the best albums this year.

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