Originally I had heard the EP from Yumi. I didn’t hear much from her after that. Also the fact that she is based in Busan, a city that I can’t find a lot of information for bands. I saw a music video for Sugitmoto Ladyland and the vocals sounded very similar to Yumi’s. I asked her through a message if this was something she was working on and she told me that it was her main project.

sugimoto ladyland

Sugimoto Ladyland is different from her solo work, but the combination of all the members have resulted in great songs. The single only contains two songs, the self-titled “Sugimoto Ladyland” and “Can’t Explain.” What the single does it introduce the band. While short, it does a decent job. “Sugimoto Ladyland” is the stronger of the songs with a repeating verse and chorus that drag you into the melody. It’s not overly technical, but provides a great mood.

“Can’t Explain” is a little weaker, but does show another side. I definitely want to hear more music from the band, and unfortunately the single provides just a quick listen. Since the single released in the middle of the year, hopefully Sugimoto Ladyland is going to release something official in the near future.

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