I don’t know much about LOBOTOMY. I’ve seen the name mentioned on remixes and compilation albums, but until protoLEMON I never heard original music. The music is kind of what I expect from YOUNG, GIFTED & WACK, the label that released the album. It’s described as chillwave and experimental. On some levels it reminds me of Kernelstrip‘s style of music.

lobotomy protolemon

But what protoLEMON does really well is provide a foundation of strong melody that is accented with different samples and bass. It’s easy to start listening to because the focus on melody is so strong. I’m not sure what tools LOBOTOMY uses in making music, but the way songs are constructed are really interesting. There’s a common tempo to each song, but the way that samples and sounds are added can sometimes hit before the main beat or they happen at unexpected times.

My favorite song is “my bestfiend.” Up until that track, the songs all have a common theme, but “mybestfiend” has a weird melody that starts the song and continues as the main rhythm. It provides the core of the song while all these other percussion and audio samples play around it. There are a lot of polyrhythms in the song, but somehow the song doesn’t lose any focus. protoLEMON almost has two different sides like a vinyl. Tracks one to three are on side a while four to seven are on side b.

Since protoLEMON is my first real introduction to LOBOTOMY, I’m impressed. All of the YOUNG, GIFTED & WACK artists play a common genre, but each one creates unique music. This album is another example of how wide the style can be and how individual artists create their music. It’s worth listening to if you enjoy any of the label’s other releases or if you enjoy electronic music in general.

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