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With two months to go left in the year, I’ve been looking at what is needed for Korean Indie. Currently the site has four contributing writers, but I think it’s time to expand the number and get more voices onto the site.

The primary conditions for writing on Korean Indie are simple.

1. All contributor positions are volunteer only.
2. You are required to write one post a week.
3. All posts must be approved before writing.

Writers are allowed to write whatever they want, pending approval. This includes album reviews, interviews, editorials, and news (if it’s relevant). One thing I do not want on the site is spam lists or content that serves to promote yourself and not the music.

You don’t have to be an expert or knowledgeable about Korean music, but you do have to want to learn.

Reviews must be at least 250 words on any release. Editorials between 300-500 words.

Submissions will be open for a couple weeks and possible contributors will be contacted.

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