It’s been a long time since I’ve heard music from Big Baby Driver. Since her last album, coming back to her style is refreshing. As I’ve continued to listen to a lot of music, I find A Story Of A Boring Monkey And A Baby Girl to be a great way to “cleanse” the palette of music. Described as indie and folk, I still think that it sounds a bit alt-country. I guess folk and country can have similar traits.

big baby driver A Story Of A Boring Monkey And A Baby Girl

But A Story Of A Boring Monkey And A Baby Girl is an excellent album. Most people might have missed her self-titled album, so getting an introduction through her second full length is perfect. From the start of the album, “Baby You,” provides the first greeting. But it’s “We’re Gonna Have Some Fun” where the album really sounds like it begins. It’s a mixture of guitar, banjo/mandolin, and other layered instruments that sounds like a one-off indie pop song. It’s different, but grabs your attention even though the song is short.

If you enjoy folk or bluegrass music, A Story Of A Boring Monkey And A Baby Girl is a great album. It doesn’t really have a comparison in South Korea and has a very unique sound. There are a lot of excellent jazz and technical musicians, but there really is only musician like Big Baby Driver. With so much time between albums, A Story Of A Boring Monkey And A Baby Girl contains thirteen tracks. It’s almost overkill because there really isn’t one that’s lacking. There’s also a bigger variety of styles on the album. It’s like the first few tracks pull you in, and then she spends the rest of the album showing off her other talents.

Big Baby Driver is easily an international artist, not just because she sings in English; but because her music can be appreciated by everyone. There aren’t many singer-songwriters that I know of that well, but it’s great to see Big Baby Driver return with a second album that exceeds the first one, and the self-titled was amazing.

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