Sweden Laundry is back with their infamous “coffee shop music” sound which will send you to a magical dreamland. Their 2nd mini album is called 순간 which has a range of songs that will make your head bob, or want to curl up by a fire and relax. Sweden Laundry’s album is perfect if you want to be pulled into a trance.

sweden laungry sungan

Most of the songs are emotional and touching. The two members suit each other perfectly with vocals and piano meshing their talents together. The results of their efforts really show in this album, especially with the song “You Are So Cute.” You will imagine yourself on a beach in Hawaii doing the Hula dance. Once you listen to the third song of the album, you will be introduced to a man’s voice. “미안해” features Letter Flow, another indie artist, and with his voice mixed with In Young‘s (the vocalist), almost brings tears to your eyes. You will really feel the chemistry between the two.

Even though I believe the focal point of this album as Letter Flow’s guest spot, I really want to highlight “꿈에 입장.” Se Yoon‘s organ playing caught my attention in this song and when she plays it with In Young’s “Na na na na na,” I can feel bells ring signifying perfection. I absolutely adore this song because it starts off with a spooky feeling, but then becomes a very light-hearted, carefree song.

순간 is an album which has been constantly on replay for me. It offers a healthy dose of cheerfulness and as the saying goes, it is “music to one’s ears.” It is pleasant and will make you want to fall in love. It is the perfect album for this time of year.

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