57‘s self-titled EP originally released in October, but was only available on Bandcamp in December. That’s a shame because when I started listening to the duo, I was instantly addicted. Starting with “U&I” the debut jumps right into your face with gritty guitar and aggressive drumming. It’s an album that holds nothing back from the first song.


The vocals by Yun JunHong immediately punch you in the face with its abandon and off-key rasp. That continues with “How can I” which follows the same style as the first track, but allows you to listen to the instrumentals a bit more. It’s a straight forward song with little embellishment and even though the guitar is direct, the rhythms played by Kim Seol add dimension to the song. Even though the duo are missing a bass line to their songs, it’s not needed.

57 chose to push the louder and aggressive songs into the front of the EP with a gradual slowing of the tempo. “Get Away” sounds like a mixture of “U&I” and “How can I,” but still remains a recognizable song. “June” uses a slightly slower tempo, but uses vocals to add another feeling of half-time even though the song doesn’t follow at all times.

Then on the fifth song, “Bonfire,” 57 takes a turn. It’s a vocal and guitar song that uses a minimal amount of drumming which isn’t that audible and only serves to keep time. “Stray Dog” is an acoustic song that’s sung in English and there’s a sorrowful tone in the vocals. The last song “Then” is a slow, melodic rock song that features amazing and long drawn out vocals adding another dimension to the band’s music.

Even though there are only seven songs on the EP, 57 cover a lot of different styles and show off their versatility in creating different types of songs all within their respective style. Even the slower songs fit perfectly with their theme. The EP is a tight package of rock music that sounds rough through the vocals, guitar and drums, and the general recording, but it captures the emotion perfectly.

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