From The Airport released Colors in October 2012 as an unsigned duo. Now in 2015, the pair has released their first full length, You Could Imagine. The band released other singles while they were unsigned, then kind of went into hibernation after Chemical Love. It’s great to see that during that time, they were working on their full length album.

from the airport you could imagine

You Could Imagine is an album that shows where From The Airport started and the direction that they’re planning on going. As an electronic and rock band, there are many directions could have gone from Chemical Love. But thankfully, the album is a progression of the songs they’ve released before. “Sight (O. Version)” sounds like it could have been part of Chemical Love with no problems. “Golden” and “The Queen” were a previously released single which showed a different sound.

It’s different in that From The Airport sound more focused by making songs that are more direct rather than more ambient melodies like on “Timelines.” Regardless of the change, adding the previously released songs makes You Could Imagine a lot more enjoyable because a new listener likely won’t know the time between songs, but still get hooked on the variety. Take “Hit My Cash” as an example. It doesn’t sound like anything released before, but the upbeat and different tone of the song still fits the album and adds a curve. “Flying Walls” and “Underwater” may be the strongest songs and having them close out the album makes you want to start replaying it from the beginning.

From The Airport find a way to not get boxed in by the tools they use to create the same song over and over. You Could Imagine is the perfect album to start your journey with the band because it’s almost like a compilation album. It shows the past, present, and the possible future. There’s no doubt From The Airport is talented. Now people can finally hear a full album showing that off.

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