I’ve seen a few live videos of 18gram, but that was my only preview. The release of their self-titled album on iTunes lead me to buy it immediately to hear more of their music. A strong melodic rock band, 18gram is a little different from what I expected. I thought the band would be a bit more rock, but starting with “Return” the band changed my expectations.


18gram’s style is familiar and warm. The band focuses a lot on the different melodies and have a lot of talent in creating layered songs. Depending on what song, you’re going to hear lot of elements that push the song forward. Sometimes it’s more sparse like on “August Drive,” but that can change like on “Secret Forest.” At times it feels like there’s too much happening in the song, making it difficult to hear each individual section, but by the end the sum of all the parts comes together.

The 40 minute album comes with eleven songs, showing a strong variety of music within their style. It’s easy to slide into the music and get comfortable with the songs. “The Demien” is a small switch with a tempo and rhythm pushed by the drums, which I enjoyed a lot. The drums don’t just support the band, but add their own voice within each song. If you’re looking for melodic rock, look no further than 18gram.

Even though I’ve known about the band for a bit, the album exceeds my expectations of who they are. It’s a solid album that doesn’t disappoint. For anyone looking for a great rock album, 18gram have you covered. If this is any indication of what 2015’s music is going to be, then we’re all in for a great year.

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