To be honest, I wasn’t very familiar with EE before this. After listening to their music, I was instantly a fan. In their songs you can really tell how creative they are. I have never heard sound like this and was really excited to be able to ask EE questions about their musical journey.

EE has previously performed at the infamous Coachella and are the only Korean band to have been invited. They have also been invited back to perform at next month’s SXSW in Austin, Texas.


Can you introduce yourselves?

Yun-joung: We’re EE. We do creative things.

Hyun-joon: We try to reflect our surroundings and present situation in creative ways. We make music, art, fashion, images, and other things. We do whatever we want.

You are well known as a “total art performance group.” What made you decide that this is a concept you wanted to pursue?

Hyun-joon: It isn’t as grand as it sounds! Since we have lots of diverse interests, we don’t want to focus only on music or limit ourselves in at all. This is why we chose the title “total art performance group.” It gives us more freedom to do all the different things we want to do.

Yun-joung, you started in Pippi Band before EE. Did having that previous experience help you when you started EE with your husband?

Yun-joung: Oh, yes. And it still helps me when writing lyrics and thinking about how I make sounds and express things.

Hyun-joon, I really admire your work as an installation artist and a DJ/producer. Is it difficult meshing the two when you are creating a song/new album?

Hyun-joon: It’s not difficult to mesh the two. In fact, I think my art pieces and music influence each other in really positive ways. I usually seek out and study particular subjects and then express them in different ways. The output is different but the ideas are still connected.

A lot of work goes into producing and I am really curious about the process when creating your style of music. Can you describe it
for us?

Yun-joung: We talk and fight a lot and then we put those things into our music.

Hyun-joon: The styles of music and subjects in our songs come about naturally. We’re always trying different sounds and beats all the time but don’t really think about certain genres when making songs. We don’t really have a certain order or system that we follow when working either. We’re always just kind of jumping from one idea to another and that’s what works best for us.

You are the only Korean band who has received an invitation to perform at Coachella in California. Can you tell us about your experience there?

Yun-joung: It was an amazing experience. It was a massive festival with so many great artists and really nice weather. It was amazing to see so many people enjoying the festival all day and night with just the music, their bodies, and nothing else.

Hyun-joon: We met lots of distinguished musicians and had the chance to enjoy the festival not only as performers but as audience members too. There were lots of people there from all around the world who love music and art. It was fun being in that environment. I’m really sad that it only lasted for three days.

If you had the opportunity to perform anywhere in the world, where would you like to go?

Yun-joung: We want to go everywhere that we can! It doesn’t even need to be on this planet, it would be cool to perform on Mars too! But actually, it’s really cold in Korea right now so my first choice would be to play on a hot island somewhere.

Hyun-joon: It doesn’t matter to me where we play as long as there are open-minded people there.

Having listened to your songs, I am really amazed by your “Monster Electronic” sound. Do you have a favorite EE song?

Yun-joung: I love “Xasquatch” and “Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Ears.”

Hyun-joon: This is a hard question to answer. Maybe “Curiosity Kills” or “Banging Till I Die”? I try not to listen to our previous songs when creating new songs because I don’t want our old work to affect our new music at all. So I prefer listening to remixes of our songs because they are often turned into completely new tracks.

As musicians, you have been busy producing and performing. What do you like to do when you have free time?

Yun-joung: If we have free time at SXSW, I want to dance all night.

Hyun-joon: I haven’t been that busy with producing and performing, but if I can find more free time, I’d like to make more music and other works of art.

How did you feel when you found out that you were going to be playing at SXSW?

Yun-joung: I felt happy and smiled.

Do you already have ideas on what you will be showing your fans at SXSW?

Yun-joung: Yes, we have ideas for our SXSW showcase. We’re still organizing everything now, but for sure people will be shocked!

Hyun-joon: We’re going to SXSW with a crew of performers and video artists so people can expect our showcase to be an interesting spectacle.

What are your expectations for SXSW?

Yun-joung: I’m expecting to be inspired be everything we see and do at the festival.

Hyun-joon: I’m expecting to experience a world-class vibe.

Is there anything you wish to do or see while you are in Austin, Texas for SXSW?

Yun-joung: I want to see many crazy people that are full of energy and enjoying lots of music and performances.

Hyun-joon: I heard Austin has some great music equipment shops. If I have time, I want to visit them. Even if I can’t afford anything, it will still be fun to window shop there.

What do you like about international tours compared to local performances/tours?

Yun-joung: We get to meet more open-minded people and see different reactions to our music and performances.

Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

Yun-joung: Thank you for reading this. Now please come and find us!

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Yun-Joung Lee on Twitter.

First time contributor. I have been interested in Korean culture for a very long time and ended up falling in love with both Korean Pop and Korean Indie.