I’ve only seen EE through music videos. EE’s show at the 405 Club was my introduction to their performance art/live music show. In a word: amazing.

ee 405 club

EE brought out a crew of dancers to supplement the live show with Yun-joung and Hyun-joon guiding the performance. They played a selection of songs like “Banging Till I Die,” “Freak Flag Fly,” and “Wiggy Dawn.” The performane was contained craziness. Yun-joung moved all across the small stage with insane energy with dancers moving in time with the beats.

The tone was like creating a dance party that doesn’t even consider the stage. Dancers jumped from the stage into the crowd, enticing the audience to join. The last couple songs brought Hyun-joon and Yun-joung directly in the middle of the crowd.

ee 406 club

The biggest takeaway from the show was the total performance of EE. It’s different and kind of bizarre, but the music and stage presence of the entire crew drew in the audience. It was really great seeing people who didn’t know EE listening and start moving to the music. Considering the small size of the stage, EE used everything to the fullest.

ee 405 club

The show at 405 Club was like an introduction to the show at K-Pop Night Out I tonight at the Elysium. Even if EE brings the exact same energy, it’s going to be an amazing show, but I think they’re going to perform even harder to a crowd a little more familiar with their style.

Korean Indie Editor-At-Large The person in the background watching over everything.