Ballad/Pop singer Kim Ji Soo released his mini-abum 2nd Part.1 ‘청춘거지’ not too long ago. I was really excited that he released a new album but found myself slightly disappointed liking only a few songs. I really like Kim Ji Soo and love the majority of his songs; nevertheless, I am glad that I have a few more songs to listen to of his. This album has five tracks which may impress a ballad enthusiast.

kim ji soo

“자취 8년생의 노래” is the title track of the album. This song is the perfect choice as a title track. If you close your eyes while listening to this song as I did, you can probably imagine Ji-Soo and his accompanists jamming in a circle just playing without a care in the world. It is very “folksy” and Ji-Soo’s smooth and attractive voice makes it all the better. I really love this song because it is very different from his usual style. I especially like the use of the accordion; it really suits this track.

Ladies, listen to “여자들이 좋아할 만한 사랑 노래.” What do you think of it? You might be thinking “Cassie, why are you asking me that? I promise, it’s not a random question! The meaning of this song is “A love song might girls like.” When Ji-Soo says “You are so beautiful,” it makes me swoon! I absolutely adore his voice and it suits this type of song perfectly.

Despite my slight disappointment about 2nd Part.1 ‘청춘거지,’ I am really happy that one of my favourite indie soloists returned with a new album. Please go listen to his other songs, too! He is a singer you shouldn’t miss out on.

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