Julia Dream‘s self-released single, Lay It Down On Me, is one song broken into four different parts. Added together the entire song is 18:25. The band’s genre of choice is psychedelic rock and a mix of blues. The band is definitely an unexpected trio because they don’t come across very unassuming, until they start playing.

julia dream lay it down on me

“The Voice” starts the song off, presenting the introduction and general tone. At 2:25, it’s almost a song into itself but doesn’t have a standard verse-chorus arrangement. It’s “Lay It Down On Me,” part two of the overall song when things begin. Vocalist and guitarist Junhyung leads each song. Bassist Byungyu and drummer Sanghoon provide the structure around each verse. The guitar is the guide for each verse. The bass and drum provide repeating verses to keep the song on track, but it’s really Junhyung who leads each song.

Even though the song has one interpretation of Lay It Down On Me, Julia Dream have a lot of improvisation, seen through their live shows. Junhyung’s voice is haunting and bellowing. Depending on what he wants to portray, you might get a whisper or you might get a yell. The recording is capable in capturing the energy of the band, but it’s better seen in a live setting. These different parts in the song also provide a way to showcase different styles. While ingrained in blues and psychedelic rock, you can tell the trio are able to feed off each other. Even though the guitar takes most of the attention, it’s the bass and drums that contain the entire song. Without them, there would be a huge void in each song.

The three sections of “Lay It Down On Me” are an arc to the entire single. Each part is a singular song, but they are so closely connected that you wouldn’t want to listen to them separately. The band definitely has vast potential that hasn’t been seen by enough people. There’s something culminating within the trio that could result in an amazing album.

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