Korean hip-hop has been making huge in-waves into the mainstream recently, and major hip-hop label Amoeba Culture rode the wave to hit up American shores in March. Home to some of the biggest names in the scene today, Amoeba Culture brought its all-star ensemble for a two-stop tour in Atlanta and New York City.


New York City’s Terminal 5 venue was jam-packed to its full 3000 capacity with fans on all three floors. DJ Friz of EDM duo Planet Shiver opened the show with some dance beats that warmed the stage, but it was only when Crush swooped in crooning “A Little Bit” from his debut album that the show really got going. The newest member of the label, Crush’s debut LP was a long time coming. I’m not the biggest fan of the arrangements on the album, but hearing him live really highlights the tenderness and groove in his voice. “Sometimes” was certainly a treat for the ears.

Next, Zion. T enters and joins Crush to perform their recent hit R&B ballad duet “그걍.” Fashion eccentricities aside, Zion T’s voice was everything I had hoped for and more. Everyone sang along to the award-winning, heartbreaking ode to his father “Yanghwa BRDG” from last year’s album. It was a pity that his set was so short, just 3 songs before Primary and Dynamic Duo joined the stage and the party really got high.


The crowd went crazy for Dynamic Duo’s Choiza and Gaeko, who brought a slew of their greatest hits like “BAAM,” “Go Back,” and “Guilty”. With Primary on the turntable, Gaeko’s sharp rap and high energy and Choiza’s uncle swag (complete three-piece suit and shades indoors) turned the gig into a club.

amoeba culture

After the Music Enkor staff kicked the press out of the pit, and left us stranded with no proper view at all,  I just figured I’d enjoy the show instead. It was a really fun night especially when the crowd was so into it. People were rapping along to all the lyrics, and the entire atmosphere was incredibly high. Thank you to Music Enkor and Korean Indie for giving me this opportunity to attend my first ever hip hop concert. I had a blast!