My Q appeared out of nowhere for me. Old Records was sharing a lot of My Q’s Facebook page posts which is how Spring/Summer 2015 Issue No. 1 got on my radar. It’s kind of a weird album. Not that the music is strange, but My Q has lot of different songs on the album.

my q spring summer 2015 issue no 1

“I You We” is like a slow mellow rock song, but borders on R&B. If there was a slightly different guitar melody, it would merge between the two genres. Then “Baby Rose” sounds like a OST pop track. The arrangement is really simple with a light drum track and piano and synth forming the song. My Q’s voice is versatile though. It fits every song regardless of the instrumentals.

Then “500일의 Summer” happens and My Q has verse that’s entirely a rap. The moment it’s over, he returns to pushing the melody of the song. There is a weird aged feeling to the songs. They have a classic and familiar feel, but there’s really nothing new in how they’re produced. It’s kind of like My Q is using nostalgic keys to make his music easily devoured and it works.

It’s very easy to get sucked into the album. Not only is My Q’s voice smooth and enticing, the variety on the album keeps everything fresh. You’re not going to hear anything new in terms of songwriting or arrangement, but Spring/Summer 2015 Issue No. 1 has a perfect polish. You may wonder what you’re hearing on the first track, but you’ll quickly be listening to every song.

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