It’s weird to think that Fromm‘s Arrival came out in 2013. It was an album that I continued to listen to regularly and fell out of rotation after six months or so. Her return with Moonbos reminds me how much I liked her voice. She’s a mix of indie rock and folk music, which fits her voice perfectly. Just listen to “찌잉.”

fromm moonbow

One of her greatest strengths is her voice. It has a tremendous calming feeling that flows on each verse. On each song, it doesn’t sound like she’s really stressing her voice, but the mood that’s created is wonderful. “너는 모르는 노래” is a perfect example of a simple song that comes across effortlessly, but have a lot of depth. It’s not just the instrumentals, but the mellow nature of her voice.

The good thing about Fromm’s voice is that while it never sounds like it’s working too hard, it fits every song on Moonbow. But the songs don’t all follow the same style. “봄맞이 가출” is a bit more upbeat with a swaying tempo that Fromm follows with her voice. The chorus is one of the best that combines a backing vocal with the primary verse creating a echoed hollow effect.

There are 11 songs on the album and keeps you interested the whole time. If you listened to Arrival, then you will hear the original version of “좋아해.” Moonbow isn’t an exceptionally unique album. It doesn’t break any boundaries or music writing conventions. Moonbow is simply an insanely solid album. There’s no repetition and Fromm’s voice will suck you in.

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