It seems I’ve been on a kick lately of listening to bands whose last release was in 2013. The Blocs is an example of this. I really like the alternative style of The Blocs. This two song single, Labyrinth, is a small taste of the potential of the band. Like all singles, it’s disappointing in the fact there are only two songs.

the blocs labyrinth

But let’s start with “Labyrinth.” Its intro is a sampled beat that supports the vocals. The only melody is the vocals as the introduction. Then when the song jumps into a verse with the full band, all the built up tension starts to fade. Alongside the sample, the drums and guitar make a presence to expand the simple rhythm. The vocals still spend some time guiding the song.

But “Labyrinth” is 5:25 giving The Blocs a lot of time to develop each section of the song. By the middle of “Labyrinth,” the band has hypnotized your ears with the different sounds that layer on each other. Even the extended bridge uses the opposing voices of the lead guitar and keyboards to envelop you. The song’s outro is extended and almost like an improvisation that they decided to keep.

“Star” is the other song. It’s about a minute shorter than “Labyrinth,” but has a similar setup with a sampled beat at the beginning. Even though The Blocs is a rock band, they have a lot of post-rock and ambient style in their music. Their self-titled release also had these features, but “Star” cements this style. I do enjoy that The Blocs feel comfortable with their music and can create a song that feels long, but not boring. There’s a lot of instrumental space on “Star” and it would be interesting to hear a straight instrumental version of the song.

The Blocs are talented which is seen by their two releases. It would be great to see a full length and listen to how they connect each song. I could easily imagine a single song broken up into multiple parts by the way they compose their songs. Labyrinth is a great single, but always leaves me wanting more.

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