Although 사람, 사랑 is not 혜화동 소년’s most recent release, it is the release I keep going back to. With every song on the EP so strong, and just full of deep emotions, this is surely the release that will impress and captivate. Released in February of this year, 사람, 사랑 is an EP that truly shows singer-songwriter 혜화동 소년’s growth as an artist.

혜화동 소년 사람 사랑

혜화동 소년’s two releases prior to this EP have been brighter songs about being in love. 사람, 사랑 takes a turn, however, as the songs all discuss the pain of heartbreak and breaking up. While the album embodies this overall theme, each track has a depth of its own.

The EP opens up with the title track, “붙잡을 수 없는 사람,” an emotional song about being unable to let go after a breakup. While the theme itself is a common one, 혜화동 소년 takes the song deeper, and even without looking at/understanding the lyrics, one can feel the emotional depth through his voice and the instrumentals.

This is a big strength of 혜화동 소년 – because he writes, composes, and arranges all of his songs, and even plays the instruments himself, he is able to write detailed pieces that accurately relay the emotions he intended. His voice is also very unique – while I had first thought his voice to match more upbeat tracks, this EP completely proved wrong, as it achieves to be simultaneously soft and strong.

Every single track on the EP is a must-listen, but in addition to the title track, “붙잠을 수 없는 사람,” “괘찮아,” and “그냥 좋은 사람” are again, deep emotional tracks that will just suck you in, completely captivated. While I had known 혜화동 소년 prior to this release, I never had any strong feelings for his music, whether it be negative or positive. But this release truly demonstrated 혜화동 소년’s growth and maturity, and I’m no doubt eager to see how much more he’ll grow as an artist.

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