Before Asian Chairshot arrived in Austin for SXSW, they spent a week in Chicago recording with Jeff Schroeder. Rain Shower is the result of the session and presents a new sound for the band that hasn’t been heard before. Overall the EP presents a different side of the band with broader songs, different from their full length Horizon.

asian chairshot rain shower

Just listen to “Perfect Breeding” and you get a first taste. It’s more aggressive and powerful than other songs, but still features the talent of the band. Youngwon‘s vocals are clear and audible above the instruments with extra effects adding to the feeling of the songs. The biggest difference has to be the recording and mixing of the songs. There’s so much power behind Heenam‘s guitar and Kyewan‘s drumming. But even with all the power that’s going into each song, everything is clear and audible. It’s really great being able to hear every drum stroke while not overpowering other instruments.

Rain Shower is a bit less psychedelic and more rock. It’s in your face and doesn’t let up. “Fill Up” features a great solo by Heenam that shows off his talent on guitar. Considering Asian Chairshot is a three piece, Rain Shower sounds much broader. Asian Chairshot does feature a throwback to their sound with “In the Rain Shower” and the recording gives it a precise attack. Youngwon’s vocals haven’t sounded this clear and melodic before. I think “In the Rain Shower” is my favorite song on the EP. It has a simultaneous haunting and powerful sound that runs throughout each verse. Heenam’s guitar is perfect on the song and the female backing vocals by Katie Cole really add to the atmosphere. It’s a strong song and one I hope the band plays live often.

“Butterfly” is the last song and sounds like standard Asian Chairshot. It’s a mix of repeating melodies guided by Youngwon’s vocals. The drums sit in the back, but add different effects. It sounds like there is some extra effects added to the core drum line and synth drums added to give a different tone to the song.

I love the Rain Shower. After seeing the energy of the band live, it’s obvious they have a lot of talent. Rain Shower would probably sound a lot different if it was recorded in South Korea and the week Asian Chairshot spent in Chicago resulted in an amazing EP. If you liked Horizon, Rain Flower is even better.

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