I actually found Fling though their video for “Strawberries” before listening to Alive Young, but the style flows between the EP and the song. Fling’s style is interesting because it’s a combination of garage and indie rock. The vocals sit above the instrumentals, but each song has a very hypnotic feeling. While the band sounds like it’s a full band, there are actually only two members according to their Facebook page. There’s a definite undertone of British rock on each song, especially “Hello.”

fling alive young

Alive Young is seven songs, each one with a distinct flavor. “Alive Young” is a great low key rock song while “Hello” comes across like a mix between garage rock and 1960s surf rock. The songs aren’t that complicated and use simple rhythms, but there’s a definite addictive feeling. It doesn’t sound like it’ll grab your attention in the beginning, but there’s a gradual effect. The mix of styles continues on “She’s the One” which actually reminds me of a stripped back Oasis B-side. There’s not a big variety on overall style, Fling have found a style that they’re comfortable creating around.

“Maria” might be the my favorite song on Alive Young. It’s a minimalist song that features tambourine throughout the entire song. There’s also no big chorus and the song does feel like it’s wandering a bit, but the vocals are what draw me into the song. The biggest change is “See the Sunrise” which brings in some 70s psychedelic keyboards and a bigger band sound. There is some synth use in the song, but with two members, I’m wondering who recorded the drums because they don’t sound like any type of sample. “See the Sunrise” is the song with the most attitude and gives a needed boost.

Fling only have two releases, but I imagine they’ve been working on their sound. Alive Young is definitely a great introduction to Fling and shows a lot of talent. I’m not sure what direction the band will go into beyond this and “Strawberries,” but I’m excited to hear new music.

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