I’m not exactly sure if there’s a relation between Telepathy and DTSQ, but the remix DTSQ did of “Techno Shoes” reminds me a lot of Telepathy’s original sound. Regardless DTSQ sounds like a continuation of the style and Dig Out From a Box In the Basment is the first release. It’s a bit short with five songs and “Five Days in ISS” is more of an introduction song. It’s with “Bitch” the EP really seems to start.


Describing DTSQ is difficult. At the core, the band plays a combination of punk and electronic music. It’s primarily pushed with a punk rock style and the added synth is used in a different way than other bands. It doesn’t change the overall sound, but adds frenetic energy to each song. “Ding-Dong Ditch!” is the strongest song on the EP and the example of the combination style. DTSQ’s style is unique and distinct making it very easy to recognize the sound of the band. The songs are concise even when they pass three minutes.

But DTSQ compose and play whatever they want. “Monster” sounds like a British rock song and is different from any other song on the EP. It sounds muted, but there’s a push of behind the restraint that comes through in the verses. It shows variety among a short number of songs. “D-Punk” (Acoustic Version) closes out the EP and sounds a bit like a demo rather than a fully realized song, but as an example of the song creation process it shows how DTSQ’s songs are created.

The only disappointment with the EP is that it’s short and shows off a lot of directions that the band is able to go. Considering the band composes songs in any genre that interests them can lead to a good variety of music. From YouTube videos, DTSQ does have more songs and hopefully those can be recorded soon.

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