I have never heard of Genius before but I was introduced to them through Chris. They are a very interesting group made up of members Kim Il-Du, Lee Chung-Mok, and Steve C. Their newest EP is called Lucky Mistake which is comprised of three tracks. There are many genres which could be used to describe this band but to me, they give off a sort of “psychobilly” vibe. Genius is up there as a very unique group with a distinct sound and if you are someone who is looking for a new sound to listen to, I highly recommend them.

genius lucky mistake

As I mentioned, there are three tracks on this EP, two of which are the same song. “Until I’m 88 Years Old” is an alternative rock song with a very upbeat sound. The lyrics are in English so Genius is a great choice for international Korean indie fans. We are better able to relate to the band. The other rendition of “Until I’m 88 Years Old” is the slow version, which is not only slower, but the longest track of the EP. Also, this track is purely instrumental. It starts off with a soft acoustic guitar playing then switches to an electric guitar for a stronger sound.

The other track on this EP is called “Left Shoulder.” The lyrics for this are also in English. Even though there are not many songs on this EP, this is my favourite track. I feel like dancing as I sing along to the lyrics. “Left Shoulder” is the perfect song to start your day with.

Like I said at the beginning, I have never heard of Genius before; however, Lucky Mistake gives you a taste of the band’s sound. They are an extremely talented band from Busan, and I am absolutely in love with them.

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