Recently, I’ve been finding myself listening to a lot of Korean Hip-Hop and R&B. Creating a primer for all our amazing readers is the perfect opportunity for me to showcase the amazing talent that the industry has. You might be thinking, “Cassie, how are you able to choose who to talk about?” I do agree, this has been quite difficult; nevertheless, I decided to discuss with you artists who are very dear to my heart.

If you aren’t a fan of Korean Hip-Hop or R&B, I hope you do take the time to go through this primer and become familiar with groups you may or may not have heard of. I can assure you they are groups/singers who should be listened to because they are very diverse and full of talent.

Urban Zakapa

Urban Zakapa was formed as a 9-member group in 2009 but became a trio in 2012 with members Park Yong-In, Jo Hyun-Ah, and Kwon Sun-Il. Urban Zakapa is short for Urban Zappy Kaleidoscopic Passionate. This year, they released their album UZ, which was worked on with rapper Beenzino.

Crucial Star

Crucial Star is a rapper with many other roles under his belt. He is also a composer, lyricist, and a producer. He debuted through the Korean Hip-Hop label Soul Company, but is now with Grandline Entertainment. I love his style.

Yoon Mi-Rae

Yoon Mi-Rae is among my top favourite female singers and rappers. I first discovered her when coming across her song Memories (Smiling Tears).” This song highlights how versatile she is in both singing and rapping.


Another talented singer in the R&B genre is Boni. She gives off a 90’s music sort of feel. Her voice is incredibly powerful. If you really like R&B, I highly recommend that you give Boni a listen.

Verbal Jint

I adore Verbal Jint. He is well known for his “true rhyme” with the Korean language. He has collaborated with many artists and vice versa. I really enjoy listening to him, and I hope you do too.

Brown Eyes

We can’t talk about Korean R&B without mentioning the original Brown Eyes. Their debut song “Already One Year” is their most famous. This is a classic song which was constantly listened to when it was released.


Paloalto is a rapper and producer, and founded Hi-Lite Records. A few years back, he was very active as a performer. I was wondering when he was going to come back into the spotlight until I learned that he released his album Cheers last year.

Hopefully this list introduced you, or reconnected you with groups that you like. This is just an introduction to another part of the primer which I will work on and submit as soon as possible. All of these artists have a distinct sound which you won’t be able to find in anyone else.

First time contributor. I have been interested in Korean culture for a very long time and ended up falling in love with both Korean Pop and Korean Indie.