I heard of FIRST AID after receiving Kernelstrip‘s interview. I had heard of the name, but never heard of his music. Since Kernelstrip directly mentioned the album, I found the album on Bandcamp and started listening to it.

first aid informations

Informations is described as “electronic,” “bass,” and “post-dubstep.” I didn’t even know where was a post-dubstep genre, but the music on the album reminds me a lot of the elements that I enjoy the most about electronic music. “people don’t have any actual worries” is the first song and showcases a slow tempo, highlighted with percussion and a wavering melody that runs in and out. Then “you want too many thoughts to me” follows the relatively same style, but layers more samples. It’s low key and focused on the conversation between samples to push the tempo and melody forward. There’s also a lot of empty space that adds an interesting “audio space.”

FIRST AID has way of composing music that’s kind of like 100989, it’s not highly melodic, but somehow through the various beats and samples the melodic line is still recognizable. Informations’ use and composition of the different samples is what makes the album really addictive. The music might not sit in a prominent place when you’re listening to it, but songs have an easy ability to attract your attention at different parts of songs. Even though the songs on Informations are all produced the same way, the mixture of samples and how he composes his music is unique.

The 2011 album is another perfect example of the variety of styles that electronic music has. Even with its relative age, the album still sound current and there’s no issue adding it into your regular rotation. You may not really appreciate the music on the first listen, but as you let it sit, FIRST AID’s Informations is a great album.

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