Rarely do I review singles, mainly because it’s difficult to simply present a single song. But with Fromm‘s “달밤댄싱” I found myself listening to the single on repeat. “달밤댄싱” itself is a great song complete with excellent music video. The added bonus with this single is two remixes. One is from LudiSTELO and the other from D.D.N.J of 빅얼스리틀미.

fromm 달밤댄싱

The original is a great indie pop song. It’s simplistic and concise. The introduction is Fromm’s voice and accompaniment by what sounds like plucked violin strings. The second verse brings in a piano line and drum beat. At the chorus, a full band jumps in and adds a wider sound. Back to the verse, it’s back to simplicity. The song might have a cut-and-dry arrangement, but everything works to support Fromm’s melody. As one of the title tracks, it’s one of the strongest songs on her album Moonbow.

LudiSTELO’s remix replaces the simple backing arrangement for a synth-infused beat and melody. Modifying the tone of the song, “달밤댄싱” still contains the same overall flow. Her voice isn’t over-sampled or changed, but the instrumentals are perfectly crafted to allow a bigger tone. The added samples, whether they are added drum tracks or vocal samples, bring more power. I like the fact that the main vocals aren’t really changed and it’s the samples that give the song its translation. Combining LudiSTELO and Fromm is really interesting because it’s not LudiSTELO with Fromm, but a natural and cohesive remix of both.

D.D.N.J’s remix of the song changes “달밤댄싱” into a club-dance version. But like LudiSTELO, it leaves the main vocal track alone. The melody is pushed through synth and a persistent bass drum beat. The main vocals are sped up a little when necessary, but there’s no heavy manipulation. It’s interesting to hear how the slower tempo vocals are translated into a slightly faster version of the song. The difference between LudiSTELO and D.D.N.J are hugely different, but showcase two different interpretations for the same song.

“달밤댄싱” is a great song and these extra two variations are excellent. It’s different enough to warrant picking up the single simply for the remixes. It would be interesting to hear other songs from Moonbow given the remix treatment from other artists because these two examples show off a lot of potential.

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