Flash Flood Darlings‘s Vorab and Tesoro is a great EP of electronic music. Thankfully, he’s not sitting around and has a new collaboration project called Floating Island. Featuring Boram on vocals and guitar, Changhoon and Flash Flood Darlings as producers, and Sungmin on drums; Floating Island is an electronic band.

With one single “Parade,” Floating Island presents an upbeat and fun energy. It’s definitely a different sound in the electronic genre in South Korea, but is a lot of fun.

Along with the single, KIRARA, Soohyuk, and Flash Flood Darlings remixed the song. While I’m familiar with KIRARA and Flash Flood Darlings, Soohyuk is an artist I haven’t heard of. The three remixes give “Parade” a different tone while keeping the addictive sound translated through the minds of these artists.

Pick up the single on iTunes and Bandcamp.

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Floating Island on Twitter.
Floating Island on Bandcamp.
Floating Island on iTunes.

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